Zeytun (Süleymanlı) Kaplıcası

 Zeytun Thermal Spa is located 72 km north of the Kahramanmaraş city center in the Ilıca District in the foothills of Berit Mountain. The water here contains natural sulfurous petroleum, which is said to be beneficial for rheumatic arthritis, fracture-dislocation, and reproductive illnesses in both sexes. The water temperature is 45 ° C. Ilıca Kaplicalar has standards equal to European thermal health spas. This thermal spa center has a 1500 bed capacity with a treatment center, sauna and hamam, with other features and facilities available. The spa is open from mid-April to mid-November. July, August and September is the busiest period, with the occupancy rate at 80% at this time and 20-30% in the other months. The length of stay varies between 3-15 days.