The Andırın District Highland and Hunting Grounds

A Natural Treasure

 The Andırın District varies in terms of natural wealth. It is especially beautiful in summer when the entire area is completely green. The Çınargeçidi Regional Forest Management Directorate is responsible for the forest, park and recreational facilities near the water, which are always in great demand. In Andirin, which has a rugged geographical structure, the valleys generally extend in the north-south direction. All the rivers in the region flow through these valleys to the Ceyhan River. Andirin's longest valley is Keşişsuyu Valley. This valley starts from the vicinity of Çokak and extends to Aslantas Dam Lake. Another valley is the Andırın Creek Valley, starting from the north of Çuhadarlı and reaching the Aslantaş Dam Lake from the Tokmaklı Plain. Both valleys have a lush green cover of vegetation. In this valley and surrounding mountains all kinds of hunting is available.