Taş Türbe / Taş Medrese

 Located on the side of the town square (meydan) in the Kahramanmaraş city center is the Taş Türbe or Taş Medrese, a small stone structure built in the same style as the Grand Ulu Mosque, and is part of the mosque complex. Built at the end of the 15th century by Alauddevle Dulkadirli, this single story structure has one entrance with columns on both side and an arched cornice above the door. Square in form, the structure is covered with a pyramidal dome, which is an integral part of the madrasa. The building features an open vaulted colonnade (iwan) extending around the inner exterior walls having rooms for students that face an enclosed open courtyard. The cut stone and decorative mukamas - graduated, three dimensional stone stalactites in half-domes above the windows, are an important feature of the structure and is in the Mamluk Style. The tomb section of the medrese (religious school) has the sarcophagus of Alaüddevle Bey, who was murdered by Safavids in 1510 and commissioned in his name by his son, Shahruh Mehmed. The six other sarcophagi are those of martyrs who were killed in the Liberation War.