Süleymanlı Martyrs Monument

 This monument is located in the district of Zeytun in honor of the Ottoman regiment leader, Major Süleyman Bey and 25 of his regiment soldiers, who died on February 15, 1915 during a battle to quell an uprising by Armenian rebels. In the past, this mountainous area had long been an area of civil unrest. In the end, military action was finally taken in response to the on-going persecution of Turks by Armenian rebels, who made their last stand in the Tekke Church on February 15, 1915.

 On October 15, 1895, on a mission to investigate rebel activity in the territory, Maraş Gendarmerie Battalion Commander Major Haci Mehmet Bey and 6 gendarmerie officers were murdered in an ambush. While on the old Göksun road to Kirazlıdere they were attacked by Armenian rebels from gangs in the Çukurhisar and Kumarlı Districts. In 2004, a tree planting ceremony at the gravesites of the martyrs was jointly made by the Gendarmerie Command, the Special Provincial Administration and the Governorship of Kahramanmaraş.