Nurhak Mountain

 Nurhak Mountain is in the east of Elbistan and 3,090 meters high. Nurhak District, which takes its name from the same mountain, is located in the foothills. In the winter season, Mount Nurhak is covered in snow and ice masses. Natural plant cover consists mainly of oak trees. In addition to these mountains in the province of Kahramanmaras, these are some other mountains and their elevaytions; Mount Delihöbek (2,338 m.), Armut Mountain (2,410 m.), Koyunoluk Mountain (2,402 m.), Koç Mountain (2,562 m.), Salavan Mountain (2,378), Kaman Mountain (2,352 m.) Hezanlı Mountain (2.283 m.), Dibek Mountain (2.230 m.), Oksüz Mountain (1.868 m.), Kizil Mountain (1,770 m.), Balk Mountain (1,569 m.) and Mount Gani (1,239 m.)