Nurhak District Plateaus

 The Türkman nomads who live in Nurhak make their livelihood by raising livestock and cultivating the land. Until recently, the majority of the people went to the high plateaus in the spring where they set up black goat hair tents in which they’d spend the summer months in the cooler climate of the mountains. Today, this tradition is continued only by a very small number of Türkmen. These are some plateaus that are especially popular located on the outskirts of Mount Nurhak: Sariana, Yumrutaş, Gollüce, Gurbalı, Tekne, Galaboyu, Çatalpinar and Morpur. In recent years, the Nurhak Cultural Festivals, which attracts a great deal of interest, make the surrounding area and plateaus very interesting. Festivals and various art and cultural events are organized with great participation from the local people. Other plateaus found in the Kahramanmaraş Province are: Ağoluk Yaylası, Akifiye Yaylası, Çiğşar Yaylası, Mazgaç Yaylası, Meryemcil Yaylası, Göksun Yaylası, Hodu Yaylası, Çataloluk Yaylası and Engizek Yaylası.