Kahramanmaraş is not rich in terms of underground resources. The most important mines excavated underground are:

  • Bauxite: All bauxite is extracted in Göksun. The geological reserves of bauxite deposits are approximately 3,000,000 tons, total reserves are 268,000 tons.
  • Barit: Production is carried out in Turkoglu. Total reserves of Baritin in the central districts are 74,300 tons, total reserves in Elbistan 8,800 tons and total reserves in Turkoglu 93,500 tons.
  • Iron: The geological reserves in the central districts is 25,000 tons with 100,000 tons in Göksun and in Elbistan 2,636,000 tons.
  • Manganese: The geological reserve in Pazarcik is 700,000 tons and the total reserve is 15,000 tons.
  • Lignite: Mined in Elbistan and Afşin. The total reserve is 3 billion 200 million tons. Lignite mining, which is one of Turkey's largest public investments, is carried out in Afşin for use in Elbistan Thermal Power Plant.
  • Quartzite: Quartzite has a geological reserve of 40,000,000 tons.

 In addition to these mines excavated in Kahramanmaraş, marble, minerals, copper, magnesite, talc, onyx, lead, graphite, amyant and pyrite mines are also excavated.