Malik Ejder Tomb

 Originally built in 1201, the Malik Ejder Tomb is 6 km south of the Kahramanmaraş city center in the Aksu District on a hill overlooking Kumaşa Lake. The Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality reconstructed the central plaza, the small mosque and part of the tomb. The surrounding area was cleared, landscaped and made open. It is rumored that Malik Ejder, a Yemini soldier, is resting in this tomb. His nickname was ‘cross eyes’ as the result of an injury sustained while fighting in the Byzantine War in the Yermuk regiment. He was an important Islamic commander and veteran of jihad movements for a long time in North Syria. In 637, he participated in the conquest with Hz Ömer (r.a) and others from Maras. He was also the right hand man of Hz. Ali (r.a.), who appointed him as governor in Egypt. While on his way to his office, in Kalzum (Red Sea), he was poisoned by Muawiya, the second caliph from the Umayyad clan. It is believed that Malik Ejder’s body was brought back to Maras and buried on a hill. The Maraşı loved his his might, his spirit of struggle, his leadership qualities and he loved them.