Kocabaşlar Mansion

 Located in the Kayabaşı neighborhood, this mansion has an irregular two floor polygon floor plan in a quad. The basement level opens out onto a planned terrace area. The open middle sofa plan was applied on all floors. There are three entrances that open out to the street. One is through the garden and located in the stone wall facing south. Facing west, there are double wooden doors covered with decorative sheet metal, opening to the street leading to the main building. The surrounding outer walls are built with rubble stone. In the middle of the courtyard there is an octagon design pool that was a later addition. A cistern for a water carrying system is in the basement and the exterior of the ground floor has stone walls. The exterior and interior walls are wood and the entire first floor has a wooden skeleton system. The second floor was expanded from the west with six struts, three of which are curved and the joints plastered over. In 2007, the Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality expropriated and undertook the restoration work of the Kocabaşlar Mansion, which was completed in 2010.