Ice Cream Sector

 There are some very unique elements of Kahramanmaraş ice cream that set it apart from any other ice cream in the world. In the foothills of the mountains around Kahramanmaraş grow the natural plants that give ‘Maraş dondurma’ its remarkable consistency and flavor. The best milk is obtained from free-range goats raised on Nurhak Mountain, where they feed on various plants endemic to the region. The primary plant eaten is ‘keven’, a kind of thorny bush which is abundant. Next, are the bulbs of the wild ‘salep’ mountain orchid, when dried and powdered, provides the elastic consistency and mild vanilla-like flavor found only in Maraş ice cream. The final ingredient is quality sugar, but it also takes real mastery and skill when making Maraş dondurma. Until recently, Maraş ice cream was produced in small shops selling to the local public. Today, more than 10 large enterprises produce about 25 tons of Maraş ice cream every day under modern hygienic conditions. Three of the largest manufacturers produce ice cream for domestic consumption and for export abroad. Kahramanmaraş ice cream is currently exported to the USA, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, China, England, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yugoslavia, Cyprus and Egypt.