Haci Veli Bey Mosque

 Located in Yörükselim District this mosque was built by Haci Veli Bey, the son of Haci Abdullah Bey from the Beyazitoğulları, in the early 17th century. There is no official record of the construction date. Haci Veli Bey Mosque is one of the rare mosques in Kahramanmaraş that still possesses all its original features. The mosque is built from stone and partially cut stone with a rectangular plan. There is a small fountain in the courtyard.

 The mosque's arches, fountain, mihrab, minbar and minarets are all original. The columns used in the mosque are repurposed from the Roman period, most likely from either a Roman palace or temple. The Hacı Veli Bey Mosque Vakıflar General Directorate in 2008 faithfully restored the original structure.