Ekinözü has existed throughout history from its beginnings in the Hittite Era throughout the following the Kommegene, Perler, Roman, Macedonian, Byzantine, Muslim Arab, Seljuk, Ilkhanid, Dulkadir Bey and Ottoman Periods. The cities of Ekinözü, Erzurum, Sivas, Gürün, Darende, Elbistan and Kahramanmaras were established as intermediate resting places along the caravan route. In the past, there were as many caravansaries (inns) as there were nearby cities, however, over time many of the caravanserais have collapsed. After the establishment of the Republic, the Celâ neighborhood was incorporated in 1958 as a municipality and a town. In 1990, it was made a district. Ekinözü is located on the southern slope of Mount Şar, located between Çağlayancerit and Elbistan Districts in the north east of the Kahramanmaraş Province. Ekinözü is east of the Nurhak District with Caglayancerit in the south and Elbistan District to the north. Climate characteristics include Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia. The summers are hot and dry; the winters are cold and snowy.

 Population in 2015: 11,886