Dedeoglu Mansion

 In 1985, the Dedeoğlu Mansion was declared an immovable cultural heritage site and was entered into the historical register. It’s located in the Kurtuluş District and within the boundaries of the historic restoration area of Kahramanmaraş. The Dedeoğlu Mansion is an example of civil architecture that constitutes urban doctrine. In the absence of any definitive inscription of the construction year the architectural features, structure materials and construction techniques all indicate that it was built in the year 1900. Over the years, this is 3 story building was divided into individual ownership residences. Reflecting the typical characteristics of traditional Ottoman residential architecture, the plan of the mansion has an external sofa and a rectangular colonnade (iwan) having a vaulted ceiling open on three sides. The building has two outer courtyard walls facing the street. The building uses a mixed construction technique. The ground and first floor street side walls are built with coarse stone and have windows.