Çukuroba (Hacı Hüseyin Efendi) Mosque

 This mosque is located in the Çukuroba District and according to the book ‘Camiide’ it states that it was built in 1796 by Haci Huseyin Efendi. It is recorded that the minaret was built in 1821, but it is understood that it was built much later. The architectural style of the minaret is faithful to the Ottoman Period and those of the minarets found in the Aras and Boğazkesen Mosques. Like the Arasa Mosque, the Ottoman Tuğra is also inscribed in the Çukroba Mosque. During the War of Liberation, it was in the Çukuroba Mosque that Ali Arslan Bey and his friends put their hands on the Qur’an and swore to fight until the French military occupation of Maraş had ended.