The Çağlayancerit region, which is located on the lower outskirts of Engizek Mountain. It was conquered by Emir Buldacı, one of the Seljuk commanders, in 1086 during the Turkish invasion of Anatolia. After Seljuk rule, the region became part of the Dulkadir Beylik and then part of the nearby Göynük Province. During the period of the Dulkadir Beylik, the Oghuzlar Turkmen united with the Cerit tribe and made the region their homeland, establishing settlements in Çağlayancerit, Küçükcerit and Yumaklıcerit. This district received its name from of the abundance of natural water resources found in the area. Çağlayancerit was little more than a village until 1986, was incorporated into a town. Çağlayancerit is situated with Elbistan in the north, Pazarcık in the south, Adıyaman in the east, Gölbaşı and Dulkadiroğlu in the west. The place where the town is located has very mountainous terrain. There are few plains suitable for agriculture. Terrestrial climate prevails with the influence of Mediterranean Climate. The winters are quite cold and rainy.

 Population in 2015: 23,607