Bum Dede Mevlevihanesi

 Located in the eastern part of the Bedesten, Bum Dede Mevlevihanesi was built by Alaüddevle Bozkurt Bey. With no clear information about Bum Dede, it is thought that he could have been a close relative or friend to the bey. The following story about Bum Dede is told among the people: "A young sufi wanted to go on pilgrimage, but the caravan was too long. The distraught sufi raised his eyes to heaven and while in prayer he finds himself in the Holy Land.’’ Before Bum Dede, the building functioned as a small Islamic monastery, the last one in Anatolia. Afterwards, it was used as a Mevlevihane (Dervish Monastery) and is the site of Bum Dede’s grave.